Taeyang for GQ (July) Magazine!

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My favourite variety/reality show at the moment.

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thorough observation

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bom trying to calm dongwook down

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OMONA! I almost forgot this!

TITLE: “Admit it Dongwook, you are SO HAPPY!”


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Playing the “of course” game but with compliments. The first person to laugh loses.

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roommate moments ✚ chanyeol and seho’s…dancing

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Taeyang - 140610 Naver Starcast Update (PART 3)!

Agitation is not the only thing present in the waiting room. What makes TAEYANG laugh is the love of his fans. Presents to celebrate his first TV comeback arrive in the room. His fan club “You Are Sun I Am Moon” sent him various gifts.

The preparation is over. It’s time for TAEYANG to stand on stage. He checks himself in the mirror for the last time. Even his side view is charisma-overload.

 ▶You all saw his first TV comeback? If you didn’t, shhhh and focus! 

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Translated by: YG LIFE

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